Menno de Jong – Collected Works Album

My dear fan/friend,

I hope this finds you well. I have been working on something very special during these strange times, something that I felt was missing in order for me to call my career as a Trance DJ and producer complete. Over the past two decades I have released numerous singles, remixes and mix albums. Yet despite of this it never came to an artist album, something which I always regretted.

But after all that time it occurred to me that I couldn’t just leave it at that, and so over the past months I have opened the safe with masters and started compiling my last gift to you: a three disc Collected Works album spanning my entire career, and featuring the most important releases during that time. Several of the older tracks were remastered especially for this purpose, by no less than three mastering engineers with each their own signature sound that best re-sparked the track in question. Besides that we were able to include an unreleased chill-out track, and some previously unreleased remixes, to add to what is a comprehensive, career encompassing selection of tracks.

In order to limit the use of the earth’s resources the full high quality cardboard sleeve with three discs will be made to order, in a single pressing, so make sure you get yours before the deadline!

It ships worldwide and can be purchased here: https://blackhole.complete.me/collected

Be safe, much love,