Menno de Jong, Kristina Sky & Fiora – The Sun

This track has been in the pipeline for so long now that the background story is nearly two years old, but I would like to share it with you regardless as it says a lot about how music comes to be, and how it relates to the topics that matter in our lives..

I was in LA after playing two shows in the US that weekend, hanging out with my good friend Kristina Sky. Recently one of her friends, also a female DJ, had tragically taken her own life, and Kristina was asked to play at the memorial service being held at the club where this DJ was a resident. We talked a lot about her doing this and came to the conclusion that this was probably one of the hardest shows she would ever play – so emotionally charged and full of feelings that you would not usually find on a dance floor, let alone knowing that the husband and children this person left behind would be there too. Despite having enough on her own plate at the time she whole-heartedly decided to dive in and play the show.

In the meantime I quietly developed an idea: that whilst she was doing this I would lock myself in the studio for the approximate four hours she was gone, and try to do something to help her in return to thank her for her selflessness, and support her as a woman in an industry that, let’s be honest, is not very supportive of women most of the time. By the time she had returned a very simple chord progression and melody was born, that would form the basis of this very collaboration. I played it to her and told her how it came to be, and suggested we make it our follow up for ‘Signals’.
Needless to say she was enthusiastic! Once we had something tangible we decided to send it to one of our very favourite vocalists: Fiora. We can’t thank her enough for working on the track with us and gracing it with her beautiful voice and lyrics.

Do you here any of the above back in the track? Maybe not, or maybe you do. But here it is anyhow and we all hope you enjoy it and it touches your soul..


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