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Trance Retreat

Want to learn how to produce from the very best in Trance? Join Menno de Jong and several other top of the scene producers for a week of music production courses, one on one training and probably a whole lot of fun too from March 4th to March 10th 2018. Taking place in a Baroque Manor south of Berlin, Menno de Jong, Adam Ellis, Bjorn Akkeson and Dennis Shepherd will be spending a week with a select group of students and teaching them what it takes to be at the forefront of the scene. More info:

At Trance Retreat, participants accepted through a screening process will stay on site and learn from professional Trance producers during a week‐long, intimate learning environment which transcends a typical classroom setting. “We all eat together, hang out, talk about music, and really get to know each other, which makes it so much more personal and unique compared to traditional learning methods,” says co‐founder Edwin Tsui. The Retreat is also documented through daily vlogs to give those outside the retreat a glimpse into the activities.

Participants on the Retreat receive formal instruction in the forms of over 25 hours of group seminars and several hours of 1‐on‐1 training with their instructor of choice. Accommodations and meals are also included in the admission fee. The application process is open to all skill levels of production, as the course content is tailored to fit the group. The screening purpose serves to ensure that guests are there to truly develop their production skills and possibly their musical careers. “The most satisfying thing for us as the organizers would be to see one or more of our participants have a break‐through with a release on a major label or playing at a major festival,” says fellow co‐founder, Dennis Sheperd.

For more details and information on how to apply, as well as the full archive of vlogs from the Bali retreat, visit